Monday, September 21, 2009


The Object of the Contest: Guess first 4 breeds mentioned in Kornflake's DNA WisdomPanel results and answer The Question correctly.
  • If the results indicate only two breeds (i.e. he was born from two full-blooded parents), those two breeds must be mentioned FIRST in your four guesses, but in case test results reveal he is a mutt born of mutts, you must still name four.
  • Contest WINNERS will be based on most correct breed guesses in most relevant order. HOWEVER, you also need to have the correct answer to The Question.
 Deadline for Entry: 3 PM October 10, 2009


1. SEND EMAIL ENTRY TO: (no caps necessary)
  •  NOTE:  Do not send any other correspondence to the entry form address. Only entries go to the entry form address. No other correspondence to that email address will be read. 

 2. SUBJECT LINE MUST SAY: ENTRY Stray Affections and Kornflake
          (caps are necessary)

3. THE FIRST LINE OF YOUR EMAIL: The first words—the first line—in your email should be the four breeds, SEPARATED BY COMMAS, you think most likely in Kornflake's WidsomPanel results. List them with your best guess first, then in descending order. (i.e. Springer Spaniel, Dachshund, Poodle, Border Collie). Your four breed guesses must be on the same line.

Then, a double space to answer The Question.

4. THE QUESTION:  In Stray Affections, what is the name of the dog the young Cassie rescues out of the woods?  (Hint: if you haven't read Stray Affections, you can find the answer on this blogsite.)

Follow the Rules: Every single rule must be followed exactly or your entry won't fit into our much deliberated Assessment Format (I made that term up for all the folderol I've gone through figuring an easy way to handle responses). If your entry doesn't fit the Assessment Format, it will be kicked out of our filters, charts and graphs, even if it was 100% correct. Sorry, don't mean to sound cranky; just trying to get a FUN job done without insanity. I now understand why the fine print on corporate contest rules is a billion pages long.

Contest Winners Announced: right here in a new blog post: 1 PM, October 21, 2009.
  • I'll still be book touring Stray Affections, so in case he is many, many breeds and I have thousands of entries, I'm leaving plenty of time to cull results. Mark your calendar and bookmark this page.  
HOWEVER, a few FUN things will happen before winners are announced: 

  •  Breeds Announced in real life (aka The Big Reveal): October 10, 2009 during Pet Medical Center open house, Charlene and Kornflake present. This will be the first time Kornflake and Charlene know! (Exciting!) 
  • Breeds Announced right here in a new blog post: October 10, 2009, when I return to my computer after The Big Reveal event above. Might be fun to see if you're in the running, so mark your calendar and bookmark this page.  
CONTEST RULES RECAP (worth a double-check before you push SEND):
*Follow all rules exactly.
*Four breed names listed on first line, separated by commas, in order of relevance.
*Double space.
*Answer to The Question: One name, answer only. (no question repeat)
*email to
*Subject line: ENTRY Stray Affections and Kornflake
*One entry per email address.
*DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: 3 PM October 10, 2009
*Breeds announced 10/10/09 during Pet Medical Center open house
*Breeds posted in blog post after I get home from above event
*WINNERS announced here on blog at 1 PM October 21, 2009

THE BEST HINT EVER: Read my first blog post, Friday, September 18, 2009 (the answer to The Question is within) and the  Kornflake Stats, and check out the links in the right-hand column on this page—especially links about dog breeds listed on the site. STUDY PICTURES OF KORNFLAKE. (More pictures at ) This is a FUN (remember that) contest and a little sleuthing might pay off.

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