Monday, October 19, 2009


To everyone who checked the breed results on 10/10 and were dissappointed to find yourself out of the winning pool of guesses, NOT SO!  Of all the entrants, only ONE of you had one (and only one) breed correct.  So, aside from the Grand Prize and a "Most Creative Entry" that tickled me, I conducted a random drawing from the balance of the pool of entrants. (Yes, a couple days early!)  Check it out; maybe you won something after all! 

All winners will receive an email from Kornflake, so watch the e-mail IN box you used to enter. I'll need your snail mail address.  Prizes will go out by November 9, 2009.

THANK YOU ONE AND ALL.  This was so much fun.

BTW (and this is TRUE), shortly after the Big Reveal, Kornflake started emitting an occasional NEW Very Deep sound. We believe now that he knows his DNA results, he finally feels free to release his inner Bullmastiff. 

THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Gina from Panama City FL who got the Dachshund correct.  Gina says she picked the Dachshund because Kornflake's face looks exactly like that of a Dachshund she knows and loves.  Way to go GINA, who has already been notified!  (Given her choice, Gina went with the Winona Area Humane Society Sweatshirt!)

MOST CREATIVE ENTRY:  toddandchris4 The guess: American Fox Hound, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (had to look THAT one up!), Collie, Dob.  (Don't Miss Your Life! audio)

wienerville (Snowglobe I held in video)
gloud07 (Winona Area Humane Society T-shirt)
clydelibrarylady (Winona Area Humane Society Cook Book)

REMINDER: Check your e-mail IN box.  I need your snail mail address to send out your prize.

AGAIN, THANK YOU ALL for making this such an exciting and fun event!

Peace and grins,
Kornflake and Charlene

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kornflake's breed mix a stunner!

What fun we had at Pet Medical Center today!  I'll post a picture or two when I'm able, but for now, here is the mix.  I could not be more surprised! 

Kornflake's test results revealed no "Significant" breeds (at least 50% of a dog's DNA comes from this breed), and no "Minor" breeds (at least 12.5%), but he had three equally weighted "Intermediate" breeds (at least 25%).

*Siberian Husky (So THAT'S where the black tail comes from and his undercoat.  Siberian Huskies are described as active, social, and usually friendly dogs; often do well with children and other dogs.  Absolutely!)

*Bullmastiff (So THAT'S why he's so tall and has that low Rrrrurra sound!  Bullmastiffs are said to be intelligent, alert and calm.  Absolutely!)

*Dachshund  (So THAT'S why he's so loooooong.  Dachshunds have a keen sense of smell and are good at tracking.  Absolutely!)

Thank you all for playing along.  I'll post winners October 21.