Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kornflake's breed mix a stunner!

What fun we had at Pet Medical Center today!  I'll post a picture or two when I'm able, but for now, here is the mix.  I could not be more surprised! 

Kornflake's test results revealed no "Significant" breeds (at least 50% of a dog's DNA comes from this breed), and no "Minor" breeds (at least 12.5%), but he had three equally weighted "Intermediate" breeds (at least 25%).

*Siberian Husky (So THAT'S where the black tail comes from and his undercoat.  Siberian Huskies are described as active, social, and usually friendly dogs; often do well with children and other dogs.  Absolutely!)

*Bullmastiff (So THAT'S why he's so tall and has that low Rrrrurra sound!  Bullmastiffs are said to be intelligent, alert and calm.  Absolutely!)

*Dachshund  (So THAT'S why he's so loooooong.  Dachshunds have a keen sense of smell and are good at tracking.  Absolutely!)

Thank you all for playing along.  I'll post winners October 21. 


  1. Hehe...quite a combo that makes us a perfectly lovely doggy!! How fun!

  2. Char,
    Bailey and I guessedit was her half big brother with the tail, long body and nose,face and ears. Come visit us in DC - She denies the Mastif is her cousin, though! (I guess it is a family tiff ;))
    Hugs, thriftyjack and Bailey